This weekend we were in Indiana for this year’s Forward! This annual gathering of Chi Alpha staff from around the area is a great time to connect with other campus missionaries. We eat, pray, do business, and just have fun together! Old friendships were strengthened, and new ones begun. Our hearts were encouraged as we remember that we are not in this alone!

The Road is Waiting

We are heading out tomorrow for the kickoff of our summer travels. We will be sharing our heart and vision for Kent Chi Alpha in a town near you (probably)! From Indiana, to Illinois, to Texas, to Missouri, and Florida (and Ohio of course) …we would love to grab a coffee with you if you are around. Just message me in whatever way you prefer (bonus points for creativity).

More than a Success

These last four years I have been changing, in lots of ways. One really good change has been that I am changing from being a person who wants to be seen as a “successful” minister, to a guy who wants people to love and follow Jesus. And yes, there is a difference…a big difference!

A “successful” minister type of guy needs to perform. He has certain expectations and appearances to maintain. Instead of being focused on the work the Master has for him, he is more concerned with how others are doing their work. This guy is critical (of others and self), easily depressed (since there is always someone doing it “better”), and often fails to see himself the way Jesus sees him. This is no way to live life.

It’s such a beautiful thing when someone comes to Jesus, isn’t it!? So much takes place at that moment in a persons life. In fact we spend the rest of our lives being in awe of what Christ has done, is doing, and will do in us. I love how, for the first time, we taste what freedom really is. We are no longer slaves to our sinful side. Nor are we any longer slaves to upholding that crushing list of “do this”, or “don’t do that”.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. – Jesus (John 8:36)

This freedom also includes the pursuit of our own glory. We easily get caught up in that. But, it really doesn’t matter how others see you. How does Jesus see you? What is he telling you to do? Personally, I have been discovering those answers are much more straightforward than I usually make them. When I read the bible I see that I need to be sharing Christ more than I am trying to be “successful”.

The Fat Burrito Campaign

The Fat Burrito Campaign

Burritos really are “Bigger than life”. During this new campaign Raelyn and I will be sharing our passion for students to know Christ, and ways that you can help, all summer long. Lets connect in person!

Shifting Gears (again)

Another year of ministry as Chi Alpha directors is quickly coming to an end as students are taking finals this week. For us though, many things are just beginning. This week we start a new season of fundraising! That means my job changes from being a campus missionary telling students more about Jesus…to something of a cross between a trucker and a telemarketer as we tell others our vision for Kent State.

Pray for us as we plan, travel, preach, and meet with dozens of people this summer. Our goal is to share the vision (Making disciples who love to share Christ), and ask people to help us make that happen!

Good Changes Continue

Its been a great week of ministry here at Kent State! We have been busy clarifying the vision that God has given us, and planning about how to best communicate that. Changes are continuing to happen as we restructure to better empower students. We added a “Student Staff” to our team on Wednesday and are excited to see what God will do as our team grows. Thanks for all of your prayers. Kent State needs Jesus!

Loving God, Loving People, Living Spirit.