We all just got back to Kent this week. Being on the road for about two and a half weeks really wears you out! We love it though. On this trip I completed some more coaching training courses and we got to visit with lots of family and friends. Heres a pic of us in St. Louis.

All of that travel time gives us lots of opportunity to talk and process what God is up to in our lives…and we are super excited! Ministry stuff is brimming with fresh potential as we continue on through the summer (so many good things). Also, we are so pumped for our son (Silas James) to be born this September! God is good to us, he gives us so much more than we can imagine or deserve.


A few years ago I heard Jane Creswell talk about the benefits of “coaching” for the very first time. Since then the idea of coaching (not the athletic kind, think stagecoach) has moved from intriguing thoughts, to being coached, to now training to become a coach myself. Last month I joined a cohort of other like-minded Chi Alpha staff from around the country to begin our coaching training.

The benefits of coaching and being coached are many. Personally, I love the coaching process of helping people realize that they already have the answers they need, and simply need the help of a coach in drawing them out. Beyond coaching colleagues, pastors, and professionals, I’m looking forward to the impact this new tool will have in our students lives here at Kent Chi Alpha! A few things I’m anticipating are healthier student emotions, more confident leaders, clearer sense of identity, and being more focused on priorities.

Your prayers are appreciated as I continue on this training journey.

Summer Connections

Next month a mass of students will come flooding back on the main campus of Kent State University. They will be getting involved with all kinds of student groups and organizations and will inevitably build some life long friendships.

Will you help us build relationships with those students? Most people living in Ohio have a connection with a future Kent State University student. It might be a grandson, or cousin, or a close friends relative. Maybe they are a student in your Churches youth group, or have played a team sport with your child through high school. Whatever the connection, that future “Golden Flash” will benefit in a huge way by getting involved in the community of Christ followers that make up Kent Chi Alpha!

We have lots of resources to help students grow in Jesus, and grow in relationships with those around them here on campus. One of the best times to help get a freshman connected with KXA is during the summer, before they even get to campus.

If you know someone and are willing to help…all that you need to do is introduce us! This can be as simple as sending an email or a Facebook message between yourself, the student, and either Jesse or Raelyn. Or you prefer a face to face connection…come on out to Kent and we would love to get coffee or lunch with you. Any effort you make really is a big help in getting someone connected with Kent Chi Alpha.