Next month a mass of students will come flooding back on the main campus of Kent State University. They will be getting involved with all kinds of student groups and organizations and will inevitably build some life long friendships.

Will you help us build relationships with those students? Most people living in Ohio have a connection with a future Kent State University student. It might be a grandson, or cousin, or a close friends relative. Maybe they are a student in your Churches youth group, or have played a team sport with your child through high school. Whatever the connection, that future “Golden Flash” will benefit in a huge way by getting involved in the community of Christ followers that make up Kent Chi Alpha!

We have lots of resources to help students grow in Jesus, and grow in relationships with those around them here on campus. One of the best times to help get a freshman connected with KXA is during the summer, before they even get to campus.

If you know someone and are willing to help…all that you need to do is introduce us! This can be as simple as sending an email or a Facebook message between yourself, the student, and either Jesse or Raelyn. Or you prefer a face to face connection…come on out to Kent and we would love to get coffee or lunch with you. Any effort you make really is a big help in getting someone connected with Kent Chi Alpha.

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