Sometimes I get asked what it’s like to do fundraising as a missionary. I think it’s funny to say that “it’s kinda like the cross between being a trucker and a telemarketer”. And it really is! Throughout the week I’m primarily doing two things over and over. I’m either making phone calls to get a meeting, or I’m driving to a meeting. The meeting is so important because it’s a chance to look someone in the face and share the story of what God is doing, and what we think he will do next, at Kent Chi Alpha. In some of these meetings God connects us with people who want to help make our vision a reality by joining our financial team.

Currently we need $754 in monthly support to be at 100% of our budget. As I start another week of fundraising, calls and meetings, I have been thinking some about the significance of that number. In my mind it represents more than just a deficit, it’s more than an arbitrary figure on paper. In front of us is another opportunity for God to show his ability to perfectly provide. Going beyond provision, it’s another way for God to confirm his calling in our lives to make disciples who love to share Christ at Kent State. We will continue to pray, plan, and work hard…but we know that nothing will happen unless God wills it. At the end of the day, the funding for this ministry comes from the one who owns it all.

And so every dollar raised is more than the meeting of our practical needs, it’s God reminding us that He is with us and that He has called us.

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